Offering artistic audio recording services
for choirs, vocal ensembles, and acoustical instruments

With untold time spent in rehearsal and preparation for your recording event, you’re excited to offer your music to others. You want the confidence of knowing that your recording engineer will hear and value what you do and will assist you in achieving your goals.

My name is Benjamin M. Good, and I’ve enjoyed opportunities to be involved with choirs, quartets, and other ensembles, including acoustical instruments. Whether I am making music or recording it, I am passionate about excellence and goodness in traditional genres of music.

My greatest joy is in knowing God and His ways, and it is my goal to promote true and beautiful music that honors His character. The Creator God deserves our very best! “Sing to him a new song; play skillfully on the strings, with loud shouts” (Psalm 33:3).

May I assist you with your next project? Let’s work together to capture your best performance with clarity and dimension.

Custom Audio Services

I provide customized solutions for digital multi-track audio recording, graphics design and layout, song licensing, album duplication and packaging.

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