Complete Album Production

Complete Album Production puts the wrap on your recording project. Once the recording session is over, you’re ready for a break. That’s when my  work begins. I’ll take care of the details and deliver the finished album to you, and to the world.

Song Licensing

Recording a song owned by someone else requires obtaining a license and paying a fee. Likely, some of your songs are in the Public Domain, making them free to use. I’ll sort through this for you.

CD Duplication

Your discs and packaging will look and sound their best, at a hard-to-beat price.

Worldwide Digital Distribution

Many people find and listen to music on their smartphones. Reach your audience, and the whole world, by making your music available online. The world needs to hear the message in song you have. Initial digital distribution setup is included with any full album project at no extra charge. Annual administration of licenses incurs a fee. License fees are extra.

CD Package Design and Layout

Good design complements your great music, and helps the album deliver its message.

Completed Package Designs by B.M.Good Recording

All Creations Cry
Hope Singers Redeeming Love album cover